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AfriSwe Cooperative

Welcome To AfriSwe Strong Knot Cooperative

Afriswe is an international cooperation that was registered in Ulricehamns Kommun, Västra Götaland, Sweden with operations in Africa. AfriSwe offers a wide range of business aspects in alliance with both the European and African manufacturers & organizations that provide expertise in different areas like agribusiness, renewable energy (solar & biogas) & civil construction. We are open to any business venture with the aim of supporting the rural development programmes in Africa as well as those in need of our services and products for both short- and long-term working relationship.

Active, secure and flourishing African communities.

Do You Care About Women Empowerment, The Youth Engagement, The Children’s Good Foundation? Get Involved!

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The key point in our cycle

How we are running the whole concept from the different projects The key point in our cycle

Capacity Building

Enhance the farmers with skill & knowledge through training by experts in different fields


Supporting farmers with centralized storage location in order preserve the quality of the products, waiving the farmers burden of quality loss

Sales & Marketing

Ensure that what ever is produced by the farmers has market both locally & abroad, through interaction with both the farmers & the client

Agriculture tools

Connect with manufacturers to support small scale farmers in conjunction with the government to improve the mechanisms of farming

Value Addition

Establishment of value addition centers in collaboration with European manufacturers to minimize loss of produce by farmers

Direct markets

Establishing our own centers, direct on market to provide a line of goods, promoting our brand & creating job opportunities for the youth

Our Work

What We Are Doing

Help us to rejuvenate organic farming methods in both crops and livestock by use of biological materials, avoiding synthetic substances to maintain soil fertility

In this area, we are mainly looking at solar energy, bio gas options and cooking stove first but also considering other means that are effective and efficient in the process.

Planting more trees will lead us to clean water most especially the rainwater but then also our people lack modern techniques

Training people to acquire the knowledge and skills needed in participating in this kind of business and there after we will work together in setting up ponds

Afriswe Partners

Our Partners

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