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Afriswe is an international cooperation

AfriSwe Strong Knot Cooperative

We are open to any business venture


In order to be accepted as a member of the cooperative, an applicant should be expected to comply with these statutes and decisions made by the cooperative and contribute to the realization of the cooperative’s purpose.  Applicants should also add new knowledge, networks and experience to the cooperative.  The cooperative can accept Investing Members.  Applications for entry shall be made in writing online and will be considered by the Board.


Cooperative Quotas/Shares:

The quota/share value is fixed at One Hundred Thousand Ugandan Shillings (100,000UGX).  It is constituted by (50) Quotas/Shares maximum and (1) Quota/Share minimum for an active member.  The Cooperative organization may receive donations, legacy and aids.

Membership fee:

Members shall pay an annual membership with the amount determined by the general meeting. The membership fee can be no more than One Million Ugandan Shillings (1,000,000UGX).

Membership Benefits include:

  1. Saving discipline
  2. Starter-up packages
  3. Business financing
  4. Subsidized Quality services
  5. Good will Market for members’ products and services
  6. Collective financial investment
  7. Secure and lowest interest loans



A member who violates the rules, or who clearly damages the cooperative or work against its interests or purposes, can be excluded from the cooperative by the Board.  An expelled member may refer the issue of exclusion to the Annual General Meeting by reporting his/her wish to do so, to the Board within one month from when the notice of exclusion was sent to the member.



Except in the cases that are defined in a particular way in the Cooperative Act, a departure from the cooperative will take place at the end of the fiscal year that occurs no less than a month after a member has resigned on own request, been excluded or resigned for other reasons or there has been another factor that led to the departure.

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