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Afriswe is an international cooperation

AfriSwe Strong Knot Cooperative

We are open to any business venture

Afriswe is an international cooperation that was registered in Ulricehamns Kommun, Västra Götaland, Sweden with operations in Africa. AfriSwe Cooperative offers a wide range of business aspects in alliance with both the European and African manufacturers & organizations that provide expertise in different areas like agribusiness, renewable energy (solar & biogas) & civil construction and we are open to any business venture with the aim of supporting the rural development programmes in Africa as well as those in need of our services and products for both short- and long-term working relationship.

Our Work

AfriSwe offers a wide range of business aspects

Embracing a holistic approach to community development, our initiatives in organic farming prioritize the use of biological materials, steering clear of synthetic substances to maintain soil fertility and nurture a healthier ecosystem for crops and livestock. In our commitment to renewable energy, we focus on solar power, bio gas, and other effective means, aiming for a cleaner, more sustainable future. Simultaneously, our efforts in planting trees not only secure clean rainwater but also bridge the gap in modern techniques, ensuring access to safe water sources.

Additionally, by empowering individuals through training and collaboration in integrated fishing farming, we foster entrepreneurial skills, establishing sustainable fishing ponds and contributing to both economic growth and self-sufficiency. These intertwined endeavors represent our dedication to creating a more eco-conscious, empowered community where every initiative contributes to a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

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