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Afriswe is an international cooperation

Fishing project with Afriswe

Fish farming, also known as aquaculture, has emerged as a promising solution to address food security challenges in Uganda. With a rapidly growing population and increasing demand for protein-rich food sources, the country has turned to aquaculture to supplement traditional fisheries and ensure a sustainable supply of fish. This article explores the state of fish […]

Cocoa growing with Afriswe

Nestled within the heart of East Africa, Uganda has been making significant strides in the cultivation of cocoa, positioning itself as a key player in the global cocoa market. Over the years, the country has emerged as a vital contributor to the cocoa industry, with its unique geographical features and commitment to sustainable farming practices. […]

Rabit farming with Afriswe

Rabbit farming, also known as cuniculture, has gained popularity as a sustainable and lucrative agribusiness in Uganda. The practice has not only provided an additional income stream for farmers but has also contributed to food security and employment opportunities. This article explores the key aspects of rabbit farming in Uganda, including its benefits, challenges, and […]

Sorghum project under afriswe

Sorghum, a versatile and resilient cereal crop, has been gaining popularity in Uganda as a valuable addition to the country’s agricultural landscape. With its ability to thrive in diverse climates and contribute to food security, sorghum cultivation is becoming increasingly important for Ugandan farmers. This article explores the key aspects of sorghum growing in Uganda, […]

Maize growing project under Afriswe

Maize, also known as corn, holds a significant place in Uganda’s agricultural landscape, playing a crucial role in the country’s food security and economic development. With its adaptability to diverse agro-ecological zones, maize cultivation has become a cornerstone of Ugandan agriculture. This article explores the key aspects of maize growing in Uganda, highlighting its importance, […]

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